3D Crystal Laquer - 20ml


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3D Crystal Laquer - 20ml
Ideale per riprodurre l'acqua, l'effetto bagnato su OOAK, o effetto tridimensionale a foto e bijoux in Fimo.

E' un prodotto atossico, senza acidi, a base acqua. Per l'applicazione del prodotto si consiglia una siringa (effetto 3D) o un tamponcino come ad esempio un cotton fioc (effetto bagnato).


Per le istruzioni di utilizzo, visita il sito www.sakuracraft.com

Confezione: bottiglina in plastica



Follow "3 Basic Steps" to create a professional finish & use these techniques to any application. (Step 1)Trace & ( Fill 2) Raise higer (3) Brush.
alt     alt   alt

Repeat (1-1) and (1-2) for each section. Make sure you leave spaces between each section. Space prevents 3-D Crystal Lacquer from running together, which then creates the distinctive 3-D effects.


(2-1) After the first coat dries, reapply 3-D Crystal Lacquer over the areas you already raised to make a deeper 3D Effect.

              alt      alt     alt

(3-1) & (3-2) Moisten brush or cotton swab with water before diping into 3-D Crystal Lacquer.
(3-3) Apply 3-D Crystal Lacquer over the entire image, including foreground, background and all spaces you made in Step1. This process is not raising but connecting all sections of images with thin coats.

(dal sito ufficiale www.sakuracraft.com)

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